Watch winders are good but do you know what’s better….luxury safes

Lux Gold Watch Winders in Motion (1)

Watch winders are good but do you know what’s better?  A certified and graded high security luxury safe with integrated watch winders to give you ultimate peace of mind and individuality.

When you think about the time and research invested in your watch collection and the emotional attachment to each piece.

Whether it be sentimental or the feeling you had when you worked hard to get the opportunity to acquire the watches you’ve always wanted for years.

Or whether you simply had to have it when you saw it or even waited for it to be released you then have to think about keeping them winding and more importantly keeping them safe.

Furthermore, it is likely that with a great watch collection comes beautiful jewellery pieces often acquired in all the same ways the watch collection was.  Luxury safes also cater for your jewellery collection with luxury leather or suede lined solid wood drawers with a choice of drawer inserts to suit your jewellery and watch collections.

This combination not only saves space by not having separate watch winder and jewellery cabinet but ensures your jewellery and watch collections are highly secured in a luxury safe which can be customised to match the design of your dressing room or master suite or whichever room you choose for it by offering a choice of any external high gloss colour finish, solid wood or corean drawers with extensive colour choice of the finest quality luxury leather or suede lining for the drawers.

Our safes are hand painted and the internal cabinetry is hand crafted by master craftsmen here in the North West of England and shipped and installed worldwide by our team of professionals.

So if you have a watch collection requiring watch winders and jewellery collection requiring luxurious secure storage, then you have a better option that will match your individuality and lifestyle….

Luxury Safes